K9 Happy Hour is an elite, private "dog walking" service offering safe (and fun) biking with your dog. Regular walks are also available, but did you know that a working or travelling "trot" is the most efficient gait for healthy dogs? Walking, while still a good form of exercise for puppies, seniors and those with special needs, can be boring and unfufilling for most dogs. That is why before training, dogs naturally pull and want to go faster than a walk when on the leash. The trot is the best gait to use when walking a dog for exercise because it’s the only gait that requires each side of the dog’s body to work equally hard.

However, a fast running pace requires increased physical effort but doesn't necessarily produce the long-term, sustainable feel-good factor that 30-40 minutes of dog trotting offers. A dog's main form of exercise shouldn't be aimed at exhausting the dog so that it has no energy left to 'misbehave' ~ it should be about satisfying their natural excercise needs.

For those too young to bike (under 1 year), small breeds, and seniors, walks can be done on foot, or combined with bike rides alternating in and out of the basket or bike trailer, as desired.

Due to busy lives, the amount of time per day that many owners  can spend walking their dogs isn’t as much as they would like, or what their beloved dog needs. Dogs require daily exercise in order to remain physically and emotionally healthy. Exercise not only addresses these needs, but also generates an ample supply of Serotonin, which has a mood stabilizing and calming effect on personality; further reducing the likelihood of frustration and boredom. At K9 Happy Hour, I help you by taking your dog on a meaningful walk or bike ride and returning with a happy, satisfied dog that the whole family can appreciate and enjoy.

Regular hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday with evening, weekends, and Statutory Holiday visits available for an additional fee.

I am insured, bonded and pet first aid certified, and go walking/biking with my own dogs on a daily basis.

To get personal, yet professional service, please contact me with any inquiries or to book your free consultation.
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