K9 Happy Hour is an eco-friendly, private "dog walking" service offering unique alternatives for dogs with special needs, or dogs that think "outside of the box".

Not all dogs feel comfortable with a different walker each day. Some like to form a relationship built on trust, and prefer to bond with the same walker. There are those that are too shy to leave their house with someone they don't know, so if you and your dog prefer to deal with the same walker each visit, on a personal, yet professional level, K9 Happy Hour may be the "walker" for you.

Some dogs are just bored with a monotonous walk around the block; others are no longer physically able to "go for a walk".  Cycling with dogs can be very stimulating, both mentally and physically. A working or travelnng "trot" is the most efficient gait for exercising  healthy dogs. However, a fast running pace requires increased physical effort but doesn't necessarily produce the long-term, sustainable feel-good factor that 30-40 minutes of dog trotting offers.

A dog's main form of exercise shouldn't be aimed at exhausting the dog  so that he/she has no energy left to 'misbehave' (ie off leash parks) ~ it should be about satisfying their natural excercise needs.

Walks are done on foot or combined with bike rides, alternating in and out of the basket or dog specific bike trailer, as desired.

Regular hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday with evening, weekends, and Statutory Holiday visits available for an additional fee.

I am insured, bonded and pet first aid certified, and go walking/biking with my own dogs on a daily basis.

To get personal, yet professional service, please contact me with any inquiries or to book your free consultation.
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